What is Polar 4

The Polar 4 expedition is a project of the World Arctic Fund.

The aim of Polar 4 is to explore the Arctic with sailing boats, spearheaded by Capt. Simone Orlandini,

and a group of professional arctic explorers and researchers plus a special media crew. Each team has its own mission to fulfill:

Polar North 4 Discovery, Polar South 4 Science, Polar East for Media and Polar West for mapping. 

The expedition will be 4 weeks long.

The idea for this project was born, when Orlandini and a team of filmmakers went to the Arctic in May 2014 to shoot a documentary on climate change, directed by Teresina Moscatiello. The film documented the lives of researchers living in the northernmost permanent settlement in the world: the village of Ny-Ålesund in Svalbard, 78°56´N - 011°55´E. This former mining site has been turned into the largest laboratory in the Arctic and has become a paradise for polar researchers from all over the world.

Kim Holmén, International Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI), said in an interview, that the most important thing

we need to do is to “spread the word to the world” concerning the climate change in the Arctic and the problems arising from it.

Kim Holmén inspired Orlandini and the filmmaking team to create this project in supporting the researchers to initially

expand their knowledge of the Arctic by exploring its unknown areas and on the other hand to spread that knowledge to the public.

Polar North 4 Discovery

On the discovery team, a group of historians and salvors are on the mission to find a piece of history.

In 1928, the airship Italia, commanded by Umberto Nobile, one of the founding fathers of Arctic exploration, crashed on the way back from the North Pole, killing part of the crew and leaving the survivors stranded on the pack ice. In the largest sea-and-air rescue mission in history, eight of them were saved seven weeks later. After almost nine decades, our team on this boat will pioneer the search for the wreck of this historic aircraft.

Polar South 4 Science

The science team is composed of of arctic researchers who focus on gathering scientific data about the life and condition

of the unexplored part of the Arctic. Taking samples for the study of geophysical properties of the polar cap and observation of bioacoustics in this area will also be conducted under this team. It will cover the effects of man-made pollution on the North and how it will make an impact on our lives. The beneficiary of this mission is us, the inhabitants of planet Earth, as it seeks to uncover critical information that we need to know in relation to global warming and climate change.

Polar East 4 Media

The media team is responsible for recording and then broadcasting the daily activities of the explorers. This team will make a documentary about the expedition, a 360° virtual reality project and will stream daily short footage of the important events

that occur. It will also be frequented by the VIP´s, who support this expedition and advocates for climate change.

Polar West 4 Mapping

The expedition members in the mapping team will be cartographers, who aim to update the map of Arctic

to give the world a vivid and accurate picture of it. The future of arctic navigation is in their hands as they bring the map

of this fascinating region to the next level.

Jean-Michel Cousteau

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Be part of the POLAR4 Expedition to support the Arctic and life on this Planet

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