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The World Arctic Fund is focussed on activities to preserve and draw attention to the Arctic and all of its nature and inhabitants. Along the way, the non-profit organisation has already set one World Record and is currently preparing to set more during its upcoming Arctic adventures.



  1. Mapping North of 80 Degrees Latitude

World Record set in September, 2017


The World Arctic Fund set its first world record in 2017 when the Polar4 crew mapped up to 80 degrees latitude for the first time in world history. We did so with the help of Google Trekker to map the Svalbard region and along the way travelled by boat, by plane, by car and even by foot!

  2. Airship Italia Systematic Search

World Record to be set in August, 2018

The World Arctic Fund is preparing to begin the first systematic search for the airship Italia since 1928, the year of its original crash, with the help of a side scanner and submarine drone. We are supplied with excellent tools to help us perform the search, including a side scanner from our partner EdgeTech which is powerful enough to see to the bottom of the ocean, as well as a submarine drone, which we will use to view the remains as well as document the search for them.

3. Sailboat Steered with the Mind

World Record to be set in August, 2018

The World Arctic Fund will leverages EMOTIV’s brain machine interface technology to steer a sailboat with the mind in a search expedition into Arctic waters to find the Airship Italia.  This will be the first time in world history a sailboat will be steered mentally, thanks to the EPOC+, EMOTIV ’s 14 channel wireless EEG. EMOTIV is the leading mobile neuroinformatics company advancing understanding of the human brain. Captain Orlandini will literally lead the way with his mind as he uses the technology to steer the boat with the power of the mind.



4. Sailboat Navigated to 82 Degrees Latitude
World Record to be set in August, 2018

During the AISE mission, the World Arctic Fund will navigate a sailboat up to 82 degrees latitude, setting the world record along the way. The crew will take advantage of the warmer Arctic weather in August to travel in an area that is usually packed with ice.


5. Mapping Over 80 Degrees

World Record to be set in August, 2018

The World Arctic Fund will set the World Record when it performs 360 degree mapping of the Svalbard region over 80 degrees. The team of sailors, researchers and scientists will face the icy weather to only explore the area over 80 degrees, but also to record it in 260 degrees and map for the rest of the world.





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